KoolBlast® Coolant Fed Tool Holders

In the world of precision machining, maintaining a competitive edge is the key to success. At Advanced Industries Inc., our years of experience as a provider of ultra-high precision machining services have spawned many innovations. One of those innovations is our line of KoolBlast coolant fed tool holders.

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KoolBlast Tool Holders

KoolBlast tool holders are the single most effective way to lengthen tool life; in some cases we've seen tools last up to 700% longer. However, this only one of its advantages, the KoolBlast tool holder is engineered to provide maximized coolant flow and maintain 360° of coverage on the cutting tool. This means superior surface finishes with faster feed and run rates, and enhanced chip control.

The KoolBlast tool holder is a result of extensive fluid dynamics studies that resulted in a highly engineered design that reduces coolant flow turbulence while maximizing pressure before the coolant is ejected through specially designed orifices.

The pressurized coolant is able to fully penetrate the cutting zone and gain full access to all tool surfaces.

This allows it to overcome the natural centrifugal forces caused by the spindle, even at very high RPMs. It also eliminates thermal shock and the development of coolant vapor barriers that plague conventional systems.

The complete and close contact with the cutting tool also aids in chip control, by evacuating chips through the coolant stream. With a KoolBlast tool holder in place, tolerances can be held longer and tighter.

KoolBlast coolant fed tool holders are available configured as Weldon and Thermalfit end mill holders, and as lathe sleeve and collars. They are constructed from high-quality H13 tool steel that is case hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 52-56.

KoolBlast® Advantage

KoolBlast tool holders are engineered to direct the optimal coolant volume, concentration, and velocity optimally towards the cutter with multiple  coolant ports and orifices that are designed so the coolant jets can best resist the effects of RPM and maintain maximum coverage.